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ranquil Serenity Awaits Indulge in Relaxation, Embrace Dreaminess, Drift into Serenity! Our Dreamy Comfort Lace-Up Feather Pyjama Set is your gateway to ultimate relaxation. With lace-up detail and feathery decoration, this set ensures you enter a realm of tranquility. Style Tip Slip into this Pyjama Set with a cup of herbal tea and a good book. Whether you re lounging or snoozing, let serenity be your style. Key Features Lace-Up Detail: Adds a playful touch, enhancing the style of the pyjama set. Feather Decoration: Creates a whimsical and dreamy aesthetic, evoking tranquility. Casual Straight Pants: Provides relaxed comfort for a restful sleep. Comfortable Top: Offers ease of movement and breathable fabric for a cozy night. Summer-Ready Design: Ideal for warm nights, keeping you cool and comfortable. Loose Fit: Ensures comfort and freedom of movement. Satin Fabric: Luxurious and soft against your skin. Fabric & Care Our Pyjama Set is crafted from luxurious satin. For enduring softness, machine wash on gentle cycle and tumble dry low. Product Description Indulge in the tranquil comfort of our Dreamy Comfort Lace-Up Feather Pyjama Set. It s not just sleepwear; it s a journey into serenity and style. The lace-up detail adds a playful touch to enhance the style of the set, creating a delightful aesthetic. As you slip into these feathery soft pyjamas, the feather decoration evokes the ethereal nature of dreams. The casual straight pants provide a comfortable fit, allowing you to move freely as you drift into restful sleep. The comfortable top is designed with breathable fabric, ensuring a cozy night s rest, even during warmer nights. Embrace the summer-ready design, keeping you cool and comfortable as you embark on a peaceful slumber. Drift into serenity and embrace the feathery softness of dreams with our Dreamy Comfort Lace-Up Feather Pyjama Set.


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